To obtain a consultant position supporting Cerner Millennium in the healthcare industry


  • Detail-oriented, efficient and organized professional with experience in maintaining strong client rapport
  • Possess strong analytical and problem solving skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Highly trustworthy, discreet and ethical
  • Resourceful in the completion of projects, effective at multi-tasking
  • Collaborative in a team work environment
  • Goal driven, motivated, and independently innovative


B.S. Network Engineering, Purdue University                                                             December 2005

Career History

Cerner Corporation, North Kansas City, MO

       May 2006 – Present

PharmNet Solution Analyst
  • Handled issue resolution and problem solving techniques for a worldwide client base in resolving more than 2700 service requests to date
  • Performed investigative methods relating to reading source code,  debugging errors, running test scripts, querying front end applications and back end databases to identify defects within the code alongside engineers
  • Coordinated and responded to complex client service requests, acquiring PharmNet build and troubleshooting experience while gaining an understanding of the CPOE process
  • Strived to resolve 65% of incoming services requests within a 24 hour time period and 80% within 7 days
  • Assisted colleagues in aiding solution support, providing knowledge transfers, and collaborating toward issue resolution while attainting strong time management skills
  • Stimulated in further learning development by taking classes, reviewing solution material, and creating Navigator solutions
  • Supported Cerner code levels from 2005.02 to 2010.02
  • Provided solution specific support for code conversions at Florida Hospital: Orlando, Mayo Clinic: Jacksonville, and Central Washington Hospital

Supporting Cerner Solutions



  • PharmNet/PowerChart, CPOE/eMAR, DiscernAnalytics/PowerVision, PhaChargeCredit,
  • PhaBatchDispense/PhaBatchReport, PhaDBProductMgr, PhaDBTools, DCPTools, Servers, CCL, HPUX-AIX/VMS, MTA
  • Available upon request

Cerner Courses

  • PharmNet
  • Cerner Millennium: 2010.02 Release Overview:
    Inpatient Pharmacy
  • Implement key 2010.02 enhancements for Inpatient Pharmacy
  • Describe key 2010.02 enhancements and their
    impacts for Inpatient Pharmacy
  • 2010.01 Release SWx Pharmacy Support
  • Cerner Millennium: PharmNet Inpatient 2005.02 and 2007 WBT
  • Cerner Millennium: PharmNet Inpatient Pharmacy
    Design and Build – Basic
  • Cerner Millennium: Pharmacy Concepts
  • Order Management / CPOE
  • Cerner Millennium: CPOE Foundations 2005.02, 2007 and 2007.18 WBT
  • Cerner Millennium: Clinical Documentation 2005.02 and 2007.18 WBT
  • Cerner Millennium POC: CareMobile 2007.18 WBT
  • Cerner Millennium: PowerPlan 2007.18 WBT
  • Cerner Millennium: PowerChart Nurse 2007 and 2007.18 WBT
  • Cerner Millennium: PowerChart Physician 2007 and 2007.18 WBT
  • Cerner Millennium: Order Mgmt 2005.02, 2007 and 2007.18 WBT
  • Cerner Millennium: Inbox WBT: 2005.02
  • Person Management / Scheduling
  • Cerner Millennium: Scheduling Mgmt 2005.02 and 2007 WBT
  • Cerner Millennium: Registration Mgmt 2005.02 and 2007 WBT
  • Other
  • Cerner Millennium: Technical Fundamentals
  • Relational Databases
  • Cerner Millennium: Discern Explorer 1, 2, 3
  • Cerner Millennium: Fundamentals
  • Cerner Millennium: Troubleshooting Basics
  • Cerner Millennium: Core Design and Build
  • Cerner Millennium: Overview
  • An Overview of Database Design
  • Cerner: Crucial Conversations