Remote Support & Audit

Remote Services & Auditing: At Apex Consulting & Healthcare Solutions (ACHS), we also do remote services by visiting the site as needed and performing the rest of services remotely by logging on to customer site and implementing various design, build, support, and testing services such as:

  • arrow Current & Future State Design
  • arrow PowerForm, PowerNote, iView, ClinicalNotes Design & Build
  • arrow PowerPlan, Orders, EasyScript, PharmNet, CareMobile Design & Build
  • arrow CPOE, PowerChart, PowerChart Office, Scheduling, SurgiNet Design & Build
  • arrow CCL Programming, PowerVision Reports, Event Set Design & Load/Unload (Weekly or monthly ES/EC Load/Unload)
  • arrow Training, Process & Procedure Documentation, Test Script Preparation
  • arrow Millennium Support of Various Cerner Applications
  • arrow Millennium Audit