Cerner® Millennium Implementation: If you are looking for implementing your Cerner project or enhance and improve your existing Cerner applications then you have come to the right place. The staff at ACHS have extensive experience implementing various projects. Our staff have either worked for Cerner and other major hospitals for years or are certified with Cerner Corporation and implemented many successful projects. We offer a broad set of IT services for the entire set of Millennium clinical and financial applications such as:

Clinical Documentation®
Discern Expert®
Discern Explorer®
Millennium® PathNet®
Patient Access® PharmNet®
PowerChart Office®
PowerChart® PowerOrders®
PowerVision® ProFile®
ProFiT® ProVision®
RadNet® SurgiNet®

Cerner® Millennium Training: We have extensive experience on providing hands-on training either on a one-to-one basis or to a group of professionals, doctors, nurses, and systems analysts.
Documentation & Script Writing: Documentation is one of the most important part of a project implementation and maintenance. We use a cutting edge technology to document your project from A-Z. We will also transfer your existing documentation to a web based environment where it is accessible via your Intranet or Internet with a secure and encrypted access.
Custom CCL Reports: Our professional CCL team will work with you on a one-by-one basis to understand your needs and budget and will provide you with a customized CCL reports that is robust and error free in a timely fashion.

Remote Services & Auditing: At Apex Consulting & Healthcare Solutions (ACHS), we also do remote services by visiting the site as needed and performing the rest of services remotely by logging on to customer site and implementing various design, build, support, and testing services such as:
Current & Future State Design
PowerForm, PowerNote, iView, ClinicalNotes Design & Build
PowerPlan, Orders, EasyScript, PharmNet, CareMobile Design & Build
CPOE, PowerChart, PowerChart Office, Scheduling, SurgiNet Design & Build
CCL Programming, PowerVision Reports, Event Set Design & Load/Unload (Weekly or monthly ES/EC Load/Unload)
Training, Process & Procedure Documentation, Test Script Preparation
Millennium Support of Various Cerner Applications
Millennium Audit

Information Technology:

Whatever your business, we help you achieve your business goals by making technology work for you. We provide IT consulting and computer support services so you no longer have to worry about IT headaches.
Your IT infrastructure must respond quickly to new business realities and competitive challenges.You can’t afford to be weighed down. Our Infrastructure Transformation experts will work closely with you — from advice to implementation — to deliver the right combination of services.
APEXCH provides end-to-end enterprise solutions, including package evaluation and selection, implementation, and upgrades to performance-enhancing extensions like supply chain, human resources, and customer relationship management. Our practice areas include.