Past Companies & Associations

1- Children’s Hospital of Los Angels, Los Angeles, California (Worked as Employee)
2- Clarion Health Network (Methodist Hospital, Indiana University Hospital (IU) and Riley Hospital ), Indianapolis, IN (Worked as Employee)
3- Evergreen Hospital, Kirkland, Washington (Worked as Employee)
4- Healthcare Agency of Orange County, Santa Ana, California (Worked as Employee)
5- Darin Camarena Health Center, Madera, California (Worked as Employee)
6- North Broward Hospital District, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (Client)
7- NorthBay Hospital, Fairfield, California (Client)
8- Billings Clinics, Billings, Iowa (Client)
9- RmsLifeline, Chicago, Illinois (Client)
9- Central Washington Hospital, Wenatchee, Washington (Client)