CCL (Cerner Command Language)



To work as a technical architect/senior consultant in Health Care IT related field.

Computer   Programming Skills & Technologies


Technologies: Oracle, PL/SQL, CCL, CGI, MS Visual Basic, E-Commerce, C, Crystal Reports, MS Access,
MS SQL Server, Relational Database Programming, Data Warehousing, Object Oriented Analysis & Design, MS Project, Graphical User Interface Design, Client/Server Applications, Oracle Forms, HTML, XML, Delphi, Embedded SQL, WebSphere, Cerner Millennium, Millennium Objects, HL7 Standards, Open Port/Engine Programming, Discern Expert, Discern Visual Developer, Layout Builder, MPages, SAS, SPSS, CITRIX

Operating Systems: Windows NT – 2000, Unix, Windows 9X, XP, DOS, VMS, NOVELL

     Professional Experience



















Professional Experience


Health Care IT Independent Consultant                                              11/05 to Present

Worked as an independent consultant with health care organizations of the country.  Helped my clients       with their on-going maintenance of Cerner Millennium applications, and supported their operations in the areas of system integration, CCL report writing, CCL custom programming, Discern Expert Programming, Person Management (writing rules and creating/modifying conversations, etc.), EMPI, MPI Clean-up, Scheduling, Charge Services, Profit, Core (security, user management, alias pools, interfaces, locations, organizations, data uploads, etc.), and PowerChart.  Helped them with new implementations of Millennium Pages (Mpages), Ambulatory PowerChart, CPOE, Order Management, PowerForms (Smart Templates), PowerNotes, Electronic MAR, Downtime Repository System and Clinical Reporting.  Worked on creating dynamic views for clinical data using Cerner MPage tools, Java-script and Cascading Style Sheets.

Acted as a technical lead on some of my clients’ new Millennium initiatives; Active Integration using Millennium Objects, MPI Clean-up, Data extracts using CCL, PL/SQL and other data manipulation  languages, and Remote Report Distribution (RRD).

Programming Tools:  (Oracle, PL/SQL, CCL, SaxBasic, XML, CSS, Javascript)

Cerner Technical/Application Architect, Sapphire Technologies                Irvine, CA, 12/02 to 11/05

Designed, built, and converted Cerner Millennium Person Management (PM), Enterprise Master Person  Index (EMPI), Charge Services applications for Orange County Health Care Agency (HCA).  Also      involved with all Core activities (Personnel upload, MPI upload, and interface design-FSI) related to the conversion of products listed above.  Responsibilities also include interface development and design, and custom interface programming using Cerner OpenView features.  Provided technical support, analysis, and troubleshooting for implementation activities of Profit and PowerChart Office applications of Cerner Millennium at HCA.  Provided technical and application support for rev 8 upgrade of live Cerner   applications.  Designed, and built clinical documentations using Smart Template logic of Cerner     Millennium Power Forms.

Programming Tools:  (Oracle, CCL, SaxBasic)

Database/Technical Consultant, Cerner Corporation                Irvine, CA, 08/98 to 12/02

Performed detailed on-site analysis, troubleshooting, and customization activities for different Cerner   product lines including Registration Management (PM), Open Person Foundation (EMPI), Open Core Foundation (OCF), Scheduling Management (ESM) and Power Chart.  Designed and developed complex custom documents (face sheet, embosser, label, and notice) and reports (census, activity, managerial, misc.) based on Cerner’s Person data model and using Cerner Command Language (CCL), designed and wrote   HNA Millennium conversation rules using Sax Basic, taught classes on using CCL and Sax Basic to write scripts, reports, docs and PM conversation rules at different client sites.  Cerner Open Engine/Port ADT interface development and custom programming for both outbound and inbound (ESO/ESI) transactions utilizing HL7 protocol. Wrote different extract and upload programs to capture legacy/Cerner millennium transactions for future import into Cerner Millennium/external system database.  Performed multiple MPI cleanup projects using Cerner Millennium Core and EMPI tool, and CCL.

Performed design, build, test and training activities and participated in several Cerner Millennium implementations and worked as a Consultant to different health care organizations, including: Kaiser Permanente, University of Tennessee Medical Center, Children of Minnesota, Loma Linda University, Los Angeles County Jail, St. Mary’s of Reno, Children of Dallas, Hermann Hospital (Houston), South West General Hospital (Cleveland), Mount Sinai (NYU), Shriners Hospital (Tampa), University of Illinois,      Mayo Clinic (Jacksonville), Clarion Health Partners (Indianapolis), Children of Orange County(CHOC), University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Genesis Health System(Iowa)
Setup, debugged, tested and troubleshot alpha version of MillenniumObjects (Web Based version of Cerner Millennium platform) on IBM WebSphere at Loma Linda University Medical Center.   Designed, and implemented EMPI Active Integration solutions via MillenniumObjects and EMPIGui.dll at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and Genesis Health System.

Created and wrote the Cerner Millennium set of Person Management reports for Ministry of Health (MOH)    in Canada which later became a standard for reports that have been extensively used in all Canadian sites      of Cerner Millennium..

Programming Tools:  (Oracle, CCL, Crystal Reports, Visual Basic, WebSphere, XML, Java)

Application Developer, Cerner Corporation                               Kansas City, MO, 05/97 to 08/98
Worked as a member of the engineering team of Cerner Millennium Access Management (Capstone) product on designing and developing different Cerner HNA Millennium core applications.  Wrote:
Person Match: a complex algorithm for finding a unique person in MPI-Master Person Index-when an HL7 message hits the Cerner Millennium ESI server
Person Reconcile: an algorithm to find possible duplicates in the MPI for a Combine process after an HL7 message goes through the person match process
PM related External System Inbound (ESI) server scripts:  scripts used when all person and encounter level information of a transaction are processed in the ESI server after the Match and Reconcile process take place
Person Combine:  PM related algorithms and scripts that are used when a Combine happens and two or more records get combined in order to generate a valid and all-inclusive record in the MPI.

Provider Search OCX: Designed and developed back-end scripts (in CCL), and the Visual Basic version of its front-end interface for Physician Search OCX of the Cerner Millennium applications.  The OCX allows users to find and associate providers (physicians) to patients when they go through the patient registration process.

Programming Tools:  (Visual Basic – ActiveX, Oracle, PL/SQL, CCL).

Database Design Consultant, Books-To-Go Inc                           Wichita, KS, 07/96 to 05/97

Designed and Maintained Company’s Database and WWW Home Page
Designed and implemented their electronic online order processing system on the internet

Programming Tools:  (Delphi, SQL Server, HTML, IIS).

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Wichita State University            Wichita, KS, 01/95 to 05/97

  1. W. Frank Barton School of Business, Decision Science Department

Performed research and correlation studies on the stock market activities using SPSS and SAS.
Created a model to predict the crude oil price based on 7 different variables.

2. Ablah Library
Worked in the Collection Development office on budget allocation. Helped allocating the budget for
different university departments.   Conducted statistical analysis, and data mining using Excel and
SAS to turn activities on books and periodicals as raw data into usable knowledge.

Programming Tools:  (SPSS, SAS, Excel, Lotus, Delphi)

Technical Sales Engineer, SKF Co.                                               Tehran-Iran, 08/90 to 10/93
Consulted, provided technical support, gave presentations on and sold bearings, lubricants, and preventive maintenance systems to industrial companies


Wichita State University, Wichita, KS
Master of Business Administration (MBA), May 1997, GPA: 4.0 out of 4.0
Concentration in Management Information Systems (MIS)

Abadan Institute of Technology, Ahwaz-Iran                         
B.S. in Chemical Engineering, December 1987, GPA: 17.8 out of 20.0



Cisco Certified Network Associate  (CCNA)  — December 2002



US Citizen – References available upon request