CCL (Cerner Command Language)


Experience/                East Cost Hospital: Application Developer
Skills:                          Oct 2008 – present                                                      Springfield MA
Create custom scripts and reports for Cerner Millennium

  • Design, develop, troubleshoot, and update CCL scripts
  • Review existing scripts for accuracy and efficiency
  • Create custom reporting using CCL and Layout Builder
  • Create PowerInsight reports (simple reports)
  • Create and modify Discern Rules

                        Cerner Corporation: Sr. Software Engineer
                                    June 2001 – Oct 2008                                            Kansas City, MO
Engineer Windows based software and database tools for the Health Care industry

  • Design, modify, develop, and support software solutions
  • Organize and implement software development processes
  • Assume management duties over 5-10 associates during manager absence
  • Develop scripts in CCL for ORACLE databases
  • Design, write, and implement data imports, extractions and reports to/from ORACLE databases
  • Drive software engineering projects
  • Perform responsibilities effectively and self-sufficiently
  • Assist Clients in resolving software installation issues
  • Investigate software performance problems and determine efficient solutions
  • Define and document technical requirements for new software
  • Develop web applications utilizing ORACLE databases


  • Creation of a standard, reusable content delivery process
  • Design and develop database content installation processes and code  
  • Develop Windows software to view and modify database content
  • Redesign software engineering design/development process for efficiency
  • Selected by company leaders to participate in Ambassador program (new hire mentoring/training)

Education:                 University of Missouri-Rolla                                    May 2001
B.S. Computer Engineering                                     Minor: Computer Science

Technical Skills:        VB 6, CCL, ORACLE,  MS Access, MS Visio, Object-oriented design, Process Design, Technical Design and Documentation, VBScript, JavaScript, XML
                                    Completed Cerner PowerInsight training
Completed Cerner MPages training and currently developing an ICU Situational Awareness MPage
Projects                 Baystate Health System: Application Developer; primary CCL developer
ExplorerMenu CCL reports

  • Created Pharm Renal report to identify patients on renal drugs
  • Created Pharm Antibiotic De-Escalation report to identify IV Abx patients with cultures/sensitivities
  • Created Pharm Missing Meds report to help prevent missing meds in nursing units
  • Modified Cerner Drug Utilization and Drug Inquiry reports to output in spreadsheet view
  • Created ED to INPT Handover report which includes patient demographics/allergies/vitals/meds/lab results and specific DTAs
  • Created programs for HIM to identify and manage duplicate patients based on CMRN and a Rule to fire in Powerchart on duplicate patients
  • Created program with javascript prompt builder to manage Immunization lists
  • Created ICU Safety Bundle report that includes various info all current ICU patients
  • Created new report/ops job/script to identify Obesity patients for a registry and report on them based on health maint and clinical event data
  • Modified reports/scripts to identify patients for Asthma/Diabetes registries
  • Major modifications to ORS report to correct defects and increase efficiency – report on patient meds/admins/etc

Powerchart CCL Reports using DVDev Layout Builder

  • Created 4 reports to track Request Orders per patient/provider
  • Recreated paper Death Form in Layout Builder as a report in Powerchart
  • Created three reports based on ED Discharge PowerNotes information
  • Created School Health Form based on PowerNote information
  • Recreated Comfort Care paper form to populate and run from Powerchart triggered by Rule

Ops Jobs CCL Reports

  • Created report to total all Telephone Triage information and total by users/providers/locations/call category
  • Created Central IV script/ops job to create a nightly csv file on IV info and email to users
  • Created script to find/format/fax certain forms to a patient’s PCP nightly

Misc CCL

  • Created several scripts to pull vital signs, meds ordered from a Careset, Problem/Diagnosis lists, labs/results for use in ICU MPage
  • Many enhancements/fixes to existing reports
  • Enhancements/fixes to genviews
  • Modified Pharm label script for enhancements
  • Created/modified several Discern Rules


  • ICU Situational Awareness – runs in Powerchart, modifying to run full screen from ExplorerMenu
  • Multiple script to gather data for I/O, Dx, Problems, Vitals, Meds, Labs, etc

Carolinas Health System

  • Unsigned Orders Report
  • ED Patients Per Hour Report
  • Stroke Census Report
  • PT Detail Report

                                Cerner Corporation: Sr. Software Engineer

  • Created content packages (ICD9, etc) and load scripts while on KIA team
  • Tested/modified scripts from various teams and identified performance enhancements while on the Database Architecture Access (DAR) team
  • Wrote case studies on various CCL functionality, to identify issues and educate engineers on the best programming methods
  • Created/modified CCL scanners used to identify inefficient or untested scripts while on DAR team
  • Created CCL prompt program used by engineers to call CCLQUERY, or SQLPLAN to test their scripts
  • Create/modify scripts for HIM apps while on ProFile team