Josef Namin

Josef Namin

Josef Namin
Apex Consulting & Healthcare Solutions
Integration Architect, CEP
Cerner Educated Professional
(Over 15 years of Combined IT & Healthcare IT Experience)

Certified in:
1- Cerner Millennium Integration Architect 2007
2- Cerner Millennium Documentation Management Professional 2007
3- Cerner Millennium Advanced Event Set Hierarchy Maintenance 2016
4- Cerner Millennium PowerChart Office 2002
5- Cerner Millennium PharmNet 2003
6-Cerner Millennium Supply Chain Specialist 2007
7- Cerner Millennium Foundation 2002
8- Black Belt Quality Training – GE 2001
9- Apple Certified Technician – Apple Computers 2002

“For the last 15 years I have worked for some of the most admired & major companies such as General Electric (GE), Computer Science Corporation (CSC), and Apple Inc. where I have attained my Black Belt Six Sigma Quality Training, Project Management Methodology, and excellent customer support, troubleshooting, and analytical skills respectively. And since 2003, I have been working in Healthcare IT field where I have successfully implemented various Electronic Medical Records projects in major hospitals across the United States.”

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Successfully Completed Various Projects Onsite or Remotely:

1- Cerner Corporation, Inpatient Nursing & Ancillaries Consultant.
2- Sr. Integration Architect, Leidos & Hospitals in Wisconsin, WI
3- Integration Architect, US Department of Defense Health System, USA
4- Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital, Los Angeles, CA
5- Dignity Health, California & Arizona, AZ, CA
6- Catholic Health Initiative, Denver, CO
7- Children’s Hospital of Orange County, Orange, CA
8- Florida Hospital, Orlando, FL
9- Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa, FL
10- Central Washington Hospital, Wenatchee, WA
11- Children’s Hospital of Los Angels, Los Angeles, CA
12- Loma Linda University & Children’s Hospital, Loma Linda, CA
13- Clarion Health Network (Methodist Hospital, Indiana University Hospital (IU) and Riley Hospital ), Indianapolis, IN
14- Evergreen Hospital, Kirkland, WA
15- Healthcare Agency of Orange County, Santa Ana, CA
16- North Broward Hospital District, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
17- NorthBay Hospital, Fairfield, CA
18- Darin Camarena Health Center, Madera, CA
19- Billings Clinics, Billings, IA
20- Davita, RmsLifeline, Chicago, IL

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Cerner Courses Taken at Cerner Corporation, Inc.:
01- Cerner Millennium: Fundamentals
02- Cerner Millennium: Core Design & Build
03- Cerner Millennium: Security Design & Build
04- Cerner Millennium: PowerChart Office Design & Build
05- Cerner Millennium: Order Management Design & Build
06- Cerner Millennium: CareNet & Order (PowerForm & PowerOrder)Documentation Management Design and Build – Basic
07- Cerner Millennium: CareNet & Order (PowerForm & PowerOrder)Documentation Management Design and Build – Advanced
08- Cerner Millennium: Explorer 3
09- Cerner Millennium: Explorer 2
10- Cerner Millennium: Visual Explorer CBT& CCL Programming
11- Cerner Millennium: FirstNet Design and Build – Basic
12- Cerner Millennium: PharmNet Inpatient Pharmacy Design and Build – Basic
13- Cerner Millennium: PharmNet Inpatient Pharmacy Design and Build – Advanced
14- Cerner Millennium: Technical Fundamentals
15- Cerner Millennium: Open Port
16- Cerner Millennium: CPOE Medications
17- Cerner Millennium: SurgiNet WBT
18- Cerner Millennium: Surgery Process & workflow
19- Cerner Millennium: Physician Inbox WBT
20- Cerner Millennium: Enterprise Scheduling WBT
21- Cerner Millennium: Enterprise Scheduling Management Scheduling Concept
22- Cerner Millennium: Enterprise Scheduling Management Fundamentals
23- Cerner Millennium: Enterprise Scheduling Management Design and Build – Basic
24- Cerner Millennium: Supply Chain WBT
25- Cerner Millennium: Supply Chain Design and Build
26- Cerner Millennium: Supply Chain Concepts
27- Cerner Millennium: INet
28- Cerner Millennium: Charge Services
29- Cerner Millennium: PowerNote Design & Build – Basic
30- Cerner Millennium: Automating the Clinical Reporting
31- Advanced PowerChart Troubleshooting
32- Advanced Orders Troubleshooting
33- Cerner Millennium: Discern Expert
34 – Cerner Millennium: Dynamic Documentation
35 – Cerner Millennium: CPOE
36 – Cerner Millennium: Dynamic Documentation
37 – Cerner Millennium: Event Set Hierarchy Maintenance Basic & Advanced
38 – Cerner Millennium: PowerPlan & Use of Dynamic PowerPlans to Enhance Safety
39 – Cerner Millennium: Clinical Documentation and Interactive View
40 – Cerner Millennium: FetaLink
41 – Cerner Millennium: Clinical Use of MPages

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