Seven years of experience as a hospital RN has given me an extensive knowledge of the nursing process, which has greatly benefited me in the design work I have done in Cerner’s Millennium software.  In addition, over the last four years I have acquired an in-depth knowledge of Cerner applications and their interdependencies.  I am a strong communicator, which has helped me to work equally well with both clinical and IT staff during the design and build process with Cerner Millennium.  I work well with others, as well as being self-motivated and focused when working alone.  I have excellent troubleshooting skills, enabling me to quickly interpret statements from end users to determine the source of their problem, and come up with an effective solution, be it educational or a correction to the system.


Charge nurse for 34-bed step down unit
Acute care nurse for critical care, med-surg, and cardiac patients
Specialized in cardiac patient care
Coordinated all disciplines for well-managed patient care


Children’s Hospital in Northwest                                                                    FirstNet Lead Analyst                     December 2011 – present
Consulted to add Cerner Millennium functionality to support opening of new Emergency Department.  Charged with developing and fine-tuning processes, orders, and documentation for a FirstNet implementation.  Requires successfully integrating the application within existing Millennium services.  Responsible for assigning duties to other team members and following up on their progress.  Spearheaded a stoplight admission process to improve throughput from an Emergency Department to an Inpatient setting.  Integrated workflows for additional PathNet, RadNet and SurgiNet services that were part of the project.

A Hospital in Northwest                                                                                   Clinical Analyst                              November 2008- December 2011
In charge of designing the Cerner Millennium application, aSolutionsCenterbuild, from the ground up.  Analyzed the clinical needs of the hospital staff in order to develop documentation for nursing, respiratory, therapy, and nutrition services.  Responsible for creating and maintaining the patient care and order catalog.  Coordinated the integration of Cerner Millennium with non-Cerner ancillary department services.  Contributed to weekly change control meetings, reviewing user requests and weighing against current resources.


Design / Build – Documentation

  • Maintain IView position/location views, privileges and prefs
  • Event Set Hierarchy maintenance to support IView and documentation management
  • PowerForm design and build from the ground up for a variety of disciplines, including Nursing, Therapy and Nutrition Departments (CMT tool, DTA Wizard, PowerForms tool)
  • Maintain and manage new task creation utilizing DCP Tools (Order Task tool, Task List View, EKM Rules)
  • Design and Build of CareMobile forms
  • Coordinate Alpha-Billing forms for varying departments; developed process of additions with charge services

Design / Build – Orders

  • Order catalog build for patient care utilizing DCP Tools (Req Routing Reference text, Order Entry Format tool, Order catalog tool), Bedrock tools (Order sentences, Codeset filtering, format flexing) and CoreCodeBuilder (custom codesets, maintaining codesets, aliasing codesets to foreign systems)
  • PowerPlan build and CarePlan design and build (PowerPlan tool, Outcome Catalog tool)

Design / Build – Other

  • Develop English/Spanish templates for Housewide Depart Process, as well as customize the depart process for multiple patient units (TrackingDBTool)
  • Maintain Patient Education content across multiple tracking lists for both PowerChart and FirstNet applications (Patedcontentmanager)
  • Tracking Board maintenance for 30+ views
  • Technical writing for integration test scripts
  • Manage unit, functional, and integrated testing for CareNet and FirstNet processes
  • Maintain BMDI for Critical Care, Emergency Department and Respiratory Therapy
  • Maintain and update PAL views system-wide
  • Maintain Priv and Pref security for PowerChart and FirstNet
  • Create PowerInsight reports for clinical units

Support / Troubleshooting

  • Participate in rotating on-call 24/7 production support
  • Ongoing educational support for new members of analyst team
  • Prioritize incoming system change requests
  • Work directly with clinicians to enhance application needs, requirements, and end user satisfaction
  • Manage content across multiple domains, maintaining consistency and integrity across existing applications

Other Projects

  • Manage transition from Millennium Staff Assign to iAware StaffLink
  • Manage implementation of dynamic groups raising consistency of documentation across all venues of the hospital


Cerner Applications:

PowerChart, FirstNet, InteractiveView, DCP Tools, Cerner Physician Order Entry, Preference Manager, Core Code Builder, Core (PrefMaint, PrivMaint), Core Event Manager, Olympus, SI Manager (BMDI), StaffLink/AlertLink, TrackingDBTool, Discern Rules, HNAUser, BedRock, IBus

PC Applications:

Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft OneNote, Snaggit, Altiris , Carbon Copy, GroupWise

EMR Systems:

Cerner Millennium, AS400, Concerto, McKesson



Clinical Nursing (2002-2009)

  • 7 years experience, including critical care, cardiac stepdown, resource nursing, and charge nurse duties

Computer Applications Educator (2006-2008)

  • 2 years experience training nursing staff on order entry and results viewing

Clinical Systems Analyst (2008-current)

  • Designed and built orders, dta’s power forms, rules, tasks, reports, care plans, order folders, care mobile forms, and order sentences in the Cerner system
  • Coordinated resources necessary for the completion of the Cerner project
  • Reported the details, progress, and status of the Cerner project with the entirety of the CareNet team


Registered Nurse – Northwest
Cerner Millennium Fundamentals
Cerner Millennium Core Design and Build
Cerner Millennium PowerInsight Design and Build
Cerner Millennium Order and Documentation Management


Associates of Technical Sciences in Nursing
Taught classes instructing nursing staff on order entry and results viewing in the AS400 2006-2008


Children’s Hospital  • Northwest                                                                                                                    December 2011 – Present
A NorthWest Hospital • Northwest                                                                                                                 September, 2003 – present
Highline Care Center • Northwest                                                                                                                 September 2001 – December 2003